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First attempt at a RC bot, PLEASE help! :-)

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Here are the 2 switches (glowing green) and 2 volt meters that I wired in.
One turns on the volt meter to the main batteries and the other turns on the headlights and taillights as well as the accessories battery volt meter.

I am now mounting the water tank (a rabbit water bottle) under neath my bot (now I need a wheelie bar to protect it from scraping when I wheelie) I am now sorting out the plumbing, and getting the water pump relay to work via my RC remote.

Any suggestions for other cool stuff that might fit on there? Thanks, Steve.

My bot made a friend!

I think the next one (not even quite done with this one yet) I build will be a RC lawn mower. Yes it has been done before but I would love to cut grass from the shade!

lol. made a friend. that's the perfect caption for that video. lol.


Does your bot have any sensors or is it just R/C?



--- Quote from: Sisco on June 17, 2013, 08:52:40 PM ---Does your bot have any sensors or is it just R/C?


Just RC for now. I would like to build a quad rotor that just hovers about 4 feet above it though.... LOTS of room left on there for expansion.
--- End quote ---


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