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Hey! So I have nearly everything planned at ready to build for my first robot. I just have 1 last concern about controls. At my local hobby shop they have a controller and receiver bundle for 100$. I have a few questions about how that all works. It am creating a 4x4 rc bot that uses tracks. It is using 4 6v motors which would fry my receiver. So, after talking to a guy at the shop I learned that I need to use speed controllers. You just plug them into the receiver, plug the battery into the speed controller, and then finally plug the motor(s?) into the speed controller? So first Can I plug 2 motors into 1 speed controller? because I want both of the left wheels to be the same and both on the right to have the same speed. Secondly, what is a good speed controller that can vary from 1-6v? Also, how do I turn bare wires into something that I can use as an input for the speed controller? Just overall information on speed controllers and links to good ones would be greatly appreciated!

Speed controllers (ESCs) look a lot like servos to the receiver -- they take the same three-pin connector, from what I've seen. They then separately take battery power and motor connections.
There are different kinds of motors -- brushed, and brushless. Some ESCs can only drive one of them. If you're using brushed motors, make sure you use a brushed ESC!

If you wire your motors in parallel, and then connect both to an ESC, then that will likely work, as long as the sum of the current draw of both motors is less than the current capacity of your ESC.

Thanks that cleared up most of it for me. Though after some googling and shopping around I still haven't found an ESC that can supply 3-6v. Most can only supply 5 or 6 and upwards.  Could I just find one that supplies 6-12v then just put my motors in a serial circuit? That seems like it would work well. I have tested my motors with 9v and they seem to work fine. Since both of the left wheels work together, could I get a 6-12v single channel controller and then use a y splitter or something? I don't want to spend $120 on speed controllers unless I have too.

Motors in series don't work right.

Note that a 5V or 6V ESC is fine. They control the speed using PWM, not voltage variation. If your motors run well on 6V, then an ESC that can control a 6V motor will be able to go all the way from stopped to full throttle just fine.


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