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Question about building a robot snake.

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Thanks a lot for the help! So, materials that I need is 16(hobby/servo motor), 8 LP23D ICS, and 16 wheels? I also thought of attatchin IR proximity sensor on the front to avoid contact with a wall or object. Also for chassis, what do you think would be the best fit for this case? I am thikning of making my robot not to long. About 15-20cm length would be suitable I think. Oh and does it really matter if I was to use DC motor instead of servo motor? THANK YOU

A servo motor is a motor with feedback, so you can tell where it's at (what position/pose it has.)
A raw DC motor does not allow you to measure where it's at, so you're going to have trouble turning "just enough" in cases where that matters.
If the motors drive wheels that are in contact with the ground, you don't need the servo part, though.

At this point, perhaps you should mock up all the parts you need using Lego bricks or modeling clay or cardboard, to get the sizing and positioning right. Then you can figure out what kinds of brackets and shafts and couplings and joints you'll need. My initial reaction is that 16 motors in 20 cm is not going to fit.

I have finished all the mechanics part and I am stuck in 2nd part. Using FPGA and verilog.. I just want to design very simple movement. Going forward, left, and right would the most that I would need. However, I am stuck in understanding how the code will generated and command the robot what to do. :( I am using DE2 Board to control the robot. Thank you.


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