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Project a object at variable distances/trajectory

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Hi There,

I am wondering what kind of mechanical device would be necessary to project say......a small rock a distance between 5-20 feet? Would it be something that uses air pressure or something else? I understand that the weight of the object would have to be factored in. As far as firing at a random trajectory i suspect some kind of electronic swivel device would be also neccessary.

My thought is that the working components of the device would fit in the palm of your hand.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin :)

Sling shot
rubber band across two fingers
coil spring in a tube

Doesn't seem that any electronics is needed.

Please forgive me, i don't have any experience on electronics or mechanical engineering.

I want it to be controlled electronically. As i mentioned in my initial post.

I'm just wondering what kind of device would be served best for the purpose of projecting an object between 5-20 feet, the size of a small rock. Would this be some kind of actuator? If so what kind?


You gonna have to give us more information. Do You want that specific device to account for weight of a projectile and output proportional push? Or are all projectiles going to be same weight and output force can be pre-defined and hand tuned? Does device have to calculate output force based on desired distance and launch angle? Is device going to be hand-held, or will it be stationary? Does it have to reload automatically?

To make a small rock (what do You define as small rock: diameter, weight?) fly 20ft You can use any of the methods mentioned by waltr, plus a motor, or two to make it electronic (or semi electronic at least  ;D). You have to be more specific on what You want to achieve.

Thank you newInRobotics for your helpful reply.

The device needs to account for the weight and output proportional force that would randomly project the object a distance between 5-20 feet.
The device has to calculate output force as to not exceed predefined distance of 20 feet.
Launch angle is not relevant but needs to be randomized.
The device will be stationary but can be picked up and moved.
The device does not need to reload itself. However when reloaded manually it would have to sense that it is loaded and proceed projecting the object at random distance/angle within the predefined limits.
object weight would be around 45 grams.


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