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Servo control Via Potentiometer wirelessly


Does anyone know how I could control a servos degree with a potentiometer wirelessly. I though of using a transmitter and receiver, but I havn't found anything promising. I just need to control one servo with one potentiometer, but it wouldn't hurt if I could control more. I need the servo to basically mirror the rotation of the potentiometer for a robot head, and I want to eventually add another potentiometer that can adjust how much the servo will turn from the first POT depending on that the second POT is set on.

What are using for a controller board as of now?  Arduino?   This is pretty easy using Xbee modules and two Arduino boards, but this requires a lot of extra hardware if you don't have it already.  Someone else may have a better idea

A RC transmitter/receiver that has a rotating joy stick end (used steering cars) should work right out of the box.
Like these:


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