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Send Commands to iClebo Kobuki robot


Hello everyone,

Actually, I'm new to robotics and any hardware related stuff. I got iClebo Kobuki robot , and I just want to send some basic commands to it (Forward, Backward, Turn Right... etc.). I'm working on Windows 7, and I'm using C#. The problem is that the robot's driver only works on Linux. I can connect the robot to my laptop using usb or parallel port, so my question is how can I send commands to control the robot?

Any advice?
thanks in advance.

Apparently they are working on Windows drivers, until they are out, Your only choices are to work on Linux or write Your own drivers for Windows (which, I assume, is not something You can do). Without correct drivers, OS does not know how to communicate with the device connected. In case You missed it:

Also, API provided by manufacturer is a C++ API and not C#, so You cannot call functions directly, You have to have a wrapper to wrap unmanaged code inside managed code. Here's a tutorial on how to do it:

The documentation claims that the communications are just serial:
Thus, you should be able to download generic FTDI drivers and install them for this device through the Device Manager.
Then, look at their serial protocol, and send those commands to that serial port.

Thank you guys. Looks like I have to wait for Windows drivers :(


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