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wireless realtime audio recorder and transmitter


i am trying to record my voice and simultaneously transmit the data wirelessly to my computer ......any suggestions on how i could do this, what device should i use.....

My first approach would be to go with Arduino, use ADC to capture sound, digitize it and send it to PC via WiFi shield. I am not sure how noisy the output would be. After seeing what I get, I'd have to decide what filtering (if required) to use.

That's what Google search returned, might be useful:

Arduino and sound capture are not a good choice. The throughput of audio is way too high to work well on an Arduino. It *can* be made to do telephone-level quality, but it's the wrong tool for the job IMO.

You can just use your regular computer microphone to record sound. You can use one of a zillion libraries (PortAudio, for example) or go directly to the platform API (depending on your platform -- Windows, Linux, MacOS X?) You could also use a USB microphone. If the computer needs to be small, look at a Raspberry Pi plus a USB microphone.

For wireless transmission, use WiFi. Transmit a UDP packet per buffer of audio you receive in the audio recording API.


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