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make a robot follow you

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Guys, I've seen a couple of old posts on this, but no good idea so far. So here is this question again: how to make a robot follow you?

It's for this project:

I won't be able to use GPS because of the errors, so I'm considering using an ultrasound/infrared portable beacon (in user's hand), and the robot to detect and follow that.

What do you think?

Here's the robot:

And here is a demo video, showing a software for Android OS that I wrote, used to control the robot in real time via BLuetooth and a UART Bluetooth Module mounted on the robot:
Android OS Controlled Rover Robot

Something like this would work:
Ultrasonic Source Localization - Following Robots

Any ideas on how this actually works/?

no ideas at all?  :( anyone?

I think an IR beacon could work fine; especially if you modulate it with some signal/pattern that makes it easy to separate from random environment noise.


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