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make a robot follow you

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Wait until I add those 3 extra sensors!! I plan to make a video outside..

wow. Nicely done!

HEre are the other 3 ultrasonic sensors, some plastic enclosures I built for them (out of PVC pipes), white leds as frontal lights, back red positioning lights, and some pics with the final setup:

I finally completed this project! Demo videos below:

Last thing to build was the Ultrasonic beacon , that the user needs to hold in his/her hands - quite comfortable, it is the size of a TV remote. It is also my first SMD PCB, and can say it was a lot of fun to build. Details , pics, eagle files, here:

And here are two demo videos, showing the robot outdoors:
Robot Dog following me -2-

Robot Dog following me -1-

With this , the project comes to an end, and my work is complete.

Really well done! You should be proud!


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