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Trying to replicate an automatic 12v car jack (youtube) but clueless what 110 ac motor to pick.  Looking for high torque, reversible, slow rpm (like an auto car seat moving vertically), load 100lbs.  I have a hand crank car jack and thinking of motorizing it to lift vertically a box that's about 100lbs.  Lift height approximately 6inches.  Preferably a very quite ac motor & avoiding an ac-dc adapter if I opt for a dc one.  Unit will be housed in a cabinet.  Eventually will be needing a timer for the gizmo.  Appreciate if you guys can give me some lead.  Thanks.

Any particular reason why You want to go for AC motor? DC motors are easier to control, also, by going DC you isolate AC input from DC output making it safer to work with.

I would go for a suitable industrial AC/DC power supply, and a suitable 12V or 24V motor with very high gearing. Pololu used to have some 1000:1 gearmotors, but I can't find them now. Others will have them, I'm sure.
Here's an example of a 24V power supply that you can integrate into the cabinet:
Also, what is the lifting mechanism? Are you still using a car jack, with a worm gear/screw?

Hi guys,

Appreciate the comments/questions/and link.  Been out awhile due to workload, apologies for the late response.

(NewinRobotics)  Opting for an ac motor cause just to avoid an adapter.  Wouldn't mind going dc if it offers more advantage. 

(jwatte)  Will be using the worm screw still.  Hand cranked the jack with a 100lb load one night, and that took some effort.  The jack did maintain its lift position without bowing or collapsing though which is good.  Need to do a longer test to confirm that that will be the case if I leave the load in the up position.

Can you recommend a quite dc motor?  I'll be housing all these in a buffet cabinet and would like to make it as "stealthy" as possible. 



--- Quote ---Can you recommend a quite dc motor?
--- End quote ---

Quiet makes it significantly more expensive, unfortunately.

Mostly, it's the gearhead that makes noise in my experience, so I would look at a strain wave ("harmonic drive") gearing if you need it to be super smooth.


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