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I have 4 HENNKWELL Motors on an old robot. I want to use them on a new one i am building but i can not find any specifications for this motors. can someone help please?
the part number is:
Two of the motors are equipped with an encoder as well. ANy information on this encoder will be appreciated also.
THank you

If you can not find any data on this motor/encoder then you'll need to make measurements.
Although you probably know some of the vital info such as the Voltage of the motors.

Questions to help you characterize the motors:
1- operating Voltage (what batteries did the robot use)?
2- Are they DC brushed motors?
3- What is the motors winding resistance? (this give an idea of the Stall current from Ohm's Law).

The Encoders will be a little harder.
1- Are they passive? or active? (do they require a Voltage)
2- how many wires on the encoder?
3- A very common encoder is the Quadrature encoder so google this to learn how they work. This can give you a starting point to figure out the encoders.


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