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How to stop a continuous rotation servo?

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Duane Degn:

--- Quote from: jwatte on May 02, 2013, 12:30:40 PM ---
I've managed to do that to some Dynamixel MX-64s, which was not a fun experience :-/

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Ouch! I've only used Dyanamixel AX-12+ servos and I thought those were expensive. It would not be fun to damage such a nice servo.

--- Quote from: jwatte on May 02, 2013, 12:30:40 PM ---I think we are all actually meaning the same thing, and just discussing the accurate description of how it works.
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But if we all described it the same way we wouldn't have the fun of arguing about it.  :)

--- Quote from: johnwarfin on May 02, 2013, 02:42:54 PM --- i do find these devices one of the most interesting aspects of buidling small robots. other interesting discussions might deal with how to modify for continuous rotation and also providing optical or hall position feedback. imo robots, like rc models, are among the most fun and educational hobbies. it seems to mix so many interesting technologies.

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Amen, brother!

Robots are a really fun way to learn about electronics and physics.

I've been working on some PCB designs to use AS5055 magnetic encoders inside the metal gear HobbyKing servos (I think they'll fit inside most standard sized servos). I think I can get the board as small as the original pot. I'd still need to work how to mount a magnet to the final gear but it would be pretty cool to have a CR servo with 12-bits of position resolution.

Here's one of my videos about the encoders.


Edit: What ever happened to Eithman1?

i used really tiny opto interruptor from digikey and bit of foil on the brass motor pinion. in addition to ultra precise robot positioning it turns out you can use this to "fine tune" the 1.5ms method for stopping servos. the 1.5ms time can be adjusted periodically to compensate for drift due to temperature and voltage changes. however once i discovered the no pulse trick there was no need for such electrical, mechanical, and code complexity.

now i use the disconnected pot for position control sensor only.

Can't you hold a servo by reading the current postion its then use a interrupt when it changes postion then resend the position it is supposed to be? This could be done with a servo that has feedback systems or setup a encoder the the servo.

yes, if you dont mind a constanly buzzing servo and a battery that dies well before its time. however the method i just described in the previous post accomplished this without those drawbacks.

Thats true :D


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