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L298N motor driver

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--- Quote from: jim on May 03, 2013, 07:02:28 AM ---why is 1n4007 diode better than 1n4001?

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In engineering, you have to choose the right part given the known requirements.
The main difference between 1n4007 and 1n4001 is the rated voltage.
Personally, I think the 1000V rated voltage of the 1n4007 is way overkill, and a 1n4001 would be quite good enough for the job.
In fact, I think in your case (small motor,) a fast-recovery signal diode like 1n4148 might be used, and would save a little cost/board space/leakage current.

To make up your own mind, read the data sheets:

1n4001, 1n4007: http://www.diodes.com/datasheets/ds28002.pdf
1n4148: http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/1N4148_1N4448.pdf

thank you .. i got it..  ;D

Duane Degn:
I've read several places that Schottky diodes are preferred as flyback diodes since they have such fast switching times.

SparkFun has this one listed under their L298N chips.


Any reasons not to think it would be a good diode to use with a L298N controller?

That Schottky should work fine.
I also tend to use Schottky diodes across coils due to their fast switch times.

Schottkys are fine. Note that the 1N4148 I recommended actually switches FASTER than most Schottkys, and has lower capacitance (which doesn't matter here); the main benefit of Schottkys is that you can often get them in higher amp ratings than conventional fast-recovery diodes. For a bigger motor, that's a good idea. For a small motor, a small diode is good enough (me and Soren had a discussion about this a while back on this forum, if I recall correctly)


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