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Purple flake bot! I need suggestions on mounting components please.

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So I am have started final assembly and the self tapping screws that I was gona use are not cutting it on this metal as it used to be a wheelchair and is quite strong. I have lots of power supplies, relays, LEDs, ect to mout on there, and hot glue seems pretty cheap-ish. Any advice? Thanks!

Self tapping screws only work on plastic and aluminum, and perhaps very thin sheet metal in mild steel.

To do mounting using bolts in thick steel or alloy/stainless steel, I would drill holes and tap them, or I would drill through holes (clearance holes) and use a nut and lock washer on the other end.

Btw: Very sparkly purple color you got there. Good job!

Drill and tap the holes and use machine screws.

Thanks for the reply! I have never had much luck with metal bits (at all). What is a good brand of drill bit that I can get from Lowes or Advanced auto? Also do I run it in Forward for penetration, or in reverse to remove metal shavings from the hole? 

Any would work. I suspect that Advanced Auto will have the tap you need.  If you can't find number drills you can usually get away with the closest fractional drill. For example, for a 10/24 thread you want a number 25 drill, but 5/32" will be close enough.


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