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JAGUAR Motor Control Question from a Noob



For a lab project, I have to make a motor periodically spin, depending on parameters A, B, and a set frequency in : Acos(freq) + Bcos(freq). (The goal is to mimic a heartbeat.... somewhat).

The motor I have is a FaulHaber DC-Micromotor 2342:
and the motor controller I have is a RDK-BDC24 Jaguar Motor Controller:

I've gotten the motor to move via the accompanying software with the Jaguar Motor Controller using Voltage Control, but I can't seem to configure it to periodically spin on it's own. I'm assuming I have to write a script/something with C++, MATLAB, or LABVIEW... I have no idea if i need an encoder, another board (Arduino/Raspberry Pi/etc).

I'm trying to read the basics of controls and whatnot on my own, I'm a completely new / lost with all of this stuff, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can as I go along. I'd appreciate if anyone could give advice or point me in the right direction of what extra things I need to learn/buy/whatever to get this done.

Thank you!!!!!

I haven't used the Jaguar controller but I think that you need to use the BDC-COMM application to controller the motor with RS232 serial port.


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