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I'm building quite a complex robot and i reached a conclusion that SBC will work the best.
However i've never worked with such "evil" devices :O :D...

I need it for its computation power(video and large amount od data processing), OS,flexibillity, also wanna try something new.....

I need it to have : At least several USB ports(to connect webcam and Arduino(Yes i need Arduino to control motors atc...)); Wi-Fi; Linux(Can i put there lets say Debian, that'd be great); chasis(optional but better to have it);

I dont need to have it mouse keyboard monitor interfaces(I wanna program it via telnet,ssh,... whatever)

I found this so far : http://www.plugcomputer.org/development-kits/dreamplug/  seems good to me, any better ideas ?

Please dont send me any SBCs made for robotics purposes, i dont wanna have it with some PWM pins or any fancy stuff ....Just simple SBC acting like normla computer on which I can run any linux i want, connect webcam, communicate via Wifi, communicate with Arduino....

Thanks in advance

P.S.: Admin if you're reading this I really like your webpage, keep up good work ;)

Have You considered RaspberryPI? You cannot use Any type of linux on it, however they have linux specifically optimised for the board. 

The main contenders are typically BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black, and Raspberry Pi. There are others, in the "android 4" and "high-end" departments, but I'd compare the BBBlack to the RPi if I were you.
Both of them have USB; both of them will work with a USB hub if you need more than a few devices connected.

Both of them have several Linux distributions available. My personal choice is Arch, but something more user friendly like debian might be a better starting point if you're not alread linux savvy.

Jeeez that price....RaspberryPi looks great, but BBB will probabily fit me better....No need for regulator circuit really got my attention :O...Thou no wi-fi and only one USB port can higher the price as some accessories will be needed but still....

Thanks guys thats exactly what i needed :)


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