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Making a double sided PCB - tutorial


Hallo guys, I just made a video, on how to build on your own a two sided PCB.
It´s a rather long one, about an hour long, and I try to include any tips that I have learned
over the years.

Thanks for your time, your comments are important to me.
Best Regards,
Lefteris, Greece

A walkthrough on building your own double sided PCBs

I think it's great that you're going through this effort to share your knowledge!

I wish there was a way for me to find the right spot when there's something in particular I need to know, though. Could you perhaps transcribe the text of the video, with references to time stamps or something? (This problem is not unique to your video; I find most video tutorials fail in the "how do I find what I need" section.)

I was thinking about the same thing, it´s a rather long video for not doing this. Give me a couple days,
I´ll fix the problem ;-)

Best Regards, Lefteris

Hallo again guys,

Understanding that the video is too long, and as jwatte suggested, there are annotations
now pointing to the various parts of the video, once again thanks for your time comments
and ideas ;-)

Peace up!
Best Regards,
Lefteris, Greece


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