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Facial Recognition using OpenCV

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is anyone knows how to program a Facial Recognition system using OpenCV in C++??
please help us.. :( God bless us..

What have you tried, and what is not working?
Have you built, installed, and run the OpenCV examples?
Have you read and understood the OpenCV documentation?

i really don't know how to do it.. no idea of any facial recognition nor algorithm to be used.. no background of any of it..  :'( please help us.. :'( we badly need your help.

So, you have tried nothing, and it's not working? That's not a surprise :-)

You have not built, installed, and run the OpenCV examples, so you have nothing to compare to?

You have not read and understood the OpenCV documentation, so you don't know what to do?

I suggest you start by doing those things.

First you have to install opencv on your computer and a lot of tutorials can be found on internet:

second step is to develop an algorithm:


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