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problem connecting 2 xbee's

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So recently I have been trying to use xbee's for my project but unfortunately it hasn't been working out.
I have been following this tutorial:
I got to the part where in X-ctu I have to "Under I/O Line Passing set "Input Addresses" to 0xFFFF (allow any radios)"
now in the software i can't find anything like that, here is the screen cap of what settings are available:

Would the problem be that I have the XB24-Z7WIT-004 instead of the XBee 802.15.4 which was used in the tutorial?
Also I couldn't seem to find "Set IU - I/O Output enable to Disabled" from step 3 either.
Any advise Is much appreciated.

Yes; the different firmwares of the Xbees make them behave *very* differently.


--- Quote from: jwatte on May 07, 2013, 04:04:21 PM ---Yes; the different firmwares of the Xbees make them behave *very* differently.

--- End quote ---
Is there any way I could use the xbees I have to simply pass Digital I/O?
Or do I have to use the 802.15.4 series?

What does the actual manual, for the Xbees you have, say?

Yes, line passing is possible with the Series 2 XBees. I have done it years ago but do not remember the details except as follows.
1- ZigBee (Series 2 XBees) must have one XBee as a Coordinator, then the remaining as Router or End Device (each is a different firmware).
2- The DL, DH must be set in the sending XBee with the address of the receiving XBee. Broadcast addresses (FFFF, etc) do not work.
3- This can be done between XBee's setup as Router, End device or Coordinator as long as there is one Coordinator.

Do search for XBee tutorials for the Series 2 with ZigBee firmware and study the document.


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