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problem connecting 2 xbee's

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Thanks for the advise, I sort of got it working.
Well at least the serial communication gets sent over, next step
is to figure out the line passing :D
But for the time being this can work.
I have another issue that I can't seem to figure out.
So I have one xbee set up as the coordinator and another one as a router.
Sending serial from the coordinator to the router isn't an issue, but doing it the
other way is.
It doesn't seem to be able to send serial information from the router to the coordinator
Is there any special setting that I need to use?
Or perhaps do I need to set both xbees up as routers? 
Please advise.


Read my post above again (ZigBee MUST have a Coordinator to form a network).

To send data from the Router to the Coordinator DL & DH in the Router must be set to the Coordinator's address.


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