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[advertisement] NEW! Actobotics™ precision building components


We are proud to introduce our new line of precision building components!!
To view the HUNDREDS of new robotic parts we've recently added to our site, visit

Actobotics™ is...
Precise. Components utilize ball bearings, precision shafting, and tubing, resulting in a superior structure with tight tolerances and low friction.
Compatible. Standardized sizing allows the use of non-Actobotics components including servos, motors, actuators, and R/C vehicle components.
Innovative. The unique overlapping hole patterns allow for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities.
Progressive. The Actobotics product line consists of hundreds of individual components and continues to expand at a rapid rate.
Robust. High grade aluminum and stainless steel components provide a rigid foundation.
Mobile. Create mechanical motion using gears, sprockets, chains, belts and pulleys.
Intuitive. Easy for both the experienced engineer and novice hobbyist to design and build projects.

We can't even begin to show you what can be constructed with our new parts, but here are a few images of some structures.

To learn more about Actobotics™ and to see more photos, visit


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