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how to access on database?

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You can store the picture in a large binary object.
Or you can leave the picture as a file in a folder, and only store the name of the folder and the name of the picture in a field of the database. This latter solution is often used, and this is the one that I recommend.

Also note that MySQL cannot do image/facial recognition at all. It can just store the metadata (and perhaps data) of the image.

yes, i know that MySql is just a database.. my concern is how will i connect it to the program that i am doing,anyway, i am doing a C++ program for the facial detection and recognition.. and can you help me on how to store images or making a folder in it?

which is easier to use? MySql or Oracle?-.-

thanks guys.. you are greatly help me.. :)

Typically, you use the library libmysql++ to connect to MySQL from C++.
But this is something you could have found yourself in 5 minutes with a simple Google search.


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