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second robot ATV/Stair climber


I am about to start building my second robot
the first one was the 50$ robot but out of acrylic
now i want to build a remote controlled four motor stair climbing robot similar to
making the body will not be a problem
my doubts are
1)which microprocessor should i use?
2)which motor to buy?
3)how much coding will be needed?
4)how to wire the whole thing? (if you could upload a schematic)
i know this is asking a lot but i really want this robot to be amazing
this is the website i will buy my stuff from

 :) Hello!
Sounds like an involved robot. Parallax has alot of robots, but not a stair climbing robot to my knowledge.
Parallax has a balancing robot, which may help on your way to making your robot. Programming, or
coding, will depend on the complexity of the robot. If you have most of the gyro programming out of
the way, (as provided by other programmers) then you can proceed to develop your new code, as
required with your new robot legs/system.
I would pick a microprocessor that has support for its editor, debugger, and terminal programmer.
You are going to need all the code "snippets" that you can get. Motors, sensors, drivers, bearings,
metal supports, and accessories will have to be taken into account when programming; because
mechanical adjustments make a difference in radians, in reference to your PWM motors.
Good Luck!   :D


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