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Please Help!


Hello all!
I am new to the hobby/pastime/whatever and need a bit of advice.
Could anyone please help? First I need to know what sort to build, I want to make a mech-warfare style spiderbot, but not sure how much money it would cost.
Me!  ;D
P.S. sorry for putting this in the video section, I'll include a video as well though!

RoboGames 2012: Mech Warfare

The cheapest possible mech is likely going to run about $1,000. That's counting 10 DOF (two for each leg, two for aiming gun/camera.) Using Arbotix Commander and a WiFi webcam, a cut-down Defender airsoft gun, laser cut plastics body and stock AX12 servos/brackets. There is no "kit" to do this; at least not yet (I know someone over at Trossen Robotics is working on one!)
Trossen also has a quadroped kit with 3DOF per leg; with all the pieces for moving and control, but no camera/gun/aiming, it runs around $950 IIRC. Add camera/guns/turret to that.

I'm not planning to make one with a moveable turret, that might be a bit much, but I have most of it worked in my head, I just need to figure out the leg motion stuff.
I love the section 'how to fund for your robot' (
That has helped me a lot!


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