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Is there somewhere i can sell or Donate Books related to robotics?
Over the years i have gathered a large number of books, some pretty expensive ones.
Is there somewhere i can sell these?

I dont want to waste time on ebay selling them.

I am also ready to donate some of these if you are in college.
These books wont be suitable for school kids, as these are related to advanced robotics.
Any Suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

I'm always looking to add to my collection if you have a list you can post somewhere (or pvt msg me here with it). The more technical or advanced, the better, for me.

Another alternative I use a lot...I used to sell used/antique/vintage books. The ones that were worthless to me or my business, I'd donate them to "Friends of the Library", and they'd sell them in their semi-annual book sale to help raise funds for the library. Just a thought.


Amazon has a used book marketplace. It may take a while before a buyer comes along, but if it's a book that's out of print, and someone really wants it, you can recoup a significant percentage of the original cost.

Post a list of what you got here. Make the receiver fill out shipping and mail you a pdf file (to save you time).

Or, just drop it all off at a local library.


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