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I am a begginer and i want to make some robots in my free time so I have to ask some questons.
I have already made a "robot" what I can control with two switches, but it's not wireless, therefore I didn't have to use microcontrollers.
But I would like to make a "real robot". For example a robot what is controlable with a Remote Controler, or maybe my dream: a voice controled robot.
I have already asked for some information about the topic and a guy gave me some really good answers, but I am still a little bit confused.
Can I start my "career" with a VC Robot or i should start with a simplier one?
Which microcontrolers and sensors should I use?
How should I write the program to my robot and how it should looks like?

I know i asked really lot, but I am really confused almost as much as I am determined.
I hope someone will be able to give me some information or maybe just some links. :)

Thank you for reading!

A 'Real' robot is autonomous not 'remote controlled'.
I think you are completely ready and  the next logical step, to build the $50 robot featured in the SoR tutorials found by clicking the "Robot Tutorials" in the upper right corner of this web page.

its a good idea to start making simples circuits with arduino uno like blinking leds , controling sevo-motor and then that you have learned the basics start making bigger constructions like autonomous car or robot! 


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