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Monster Servo 625 with 0.19 sec 60degree



It has been awhile since I posted. Busy with stuff.

I am designing a servo right now.
Asking the manufactory to do some part for me, but it's expensive for only making a few of them.
Anyone interested give me a shout, hopefully, the more I do it will be cheaper to manufact from the company.

These are the spec.
Weight: 450g
Torque: (8687 once.inch) at 7 volts
speed: 0.19 sec in 60 degree..... :-* at 7 volts
Rotation: 360 degree default ( but can make 180 degree too)
Gear: All metal gear, except for 1 nylon
control: Servo type (plug in as any futaba or hitec)
Voltage: 6-9 voltage ( recommend 7.2V)

Size: (sort of large servo)
Weight: 450g
Height: 42mm
Width: 45mm

If you have any question post here, if you want it post it here.
Hopefully, the more I do, it wil be cheaper to manufact.
Hopefully, the protype will be done in 2 weeks.

Potentiometer Magnetic Induction or the regular Potentiometer... Need to find a cheap supplier for Magnetic potentiometer.
(haven't decided which one to use in the servo..... what ever cheaper)

Thank for reading.


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