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Just got new MINI steppers. What is the smallest way to do PWM?

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I just got in a shipment of MINI steppers, and I can not wait to try them out, the possibilities are endless! :-) Here is a pic of them and a mini solar cell I have a few of. What should I use to step them that will also be very small? Thanks! ;D

P.S. If anyone wants one (or several) of these just PM me.

Wow, they are small.
I see four terminals so these steppers are bi-polar which needs a dual H-bridge.
There are a number of stepper drivers available in SM chip.
Here is one selection:
Other companies make similar chips.

How much current do they draw? At what Voltage?
I'll guess not much so if lower than typical micro-controller outputs (~25mA) then four pins can drive these as an H-bridge would (examples: ATiny or PIC10F or PIC12f processors in SSOP, MSSOP, DFN or QFN packages). If they need a little more current then there are some driver chip (for MOSFETs or data busses) that would work.

Cool, thanks. I have zero info on them other than the resistance per set of poles is 38 Ohms. Other than that I will just have to get some working and push a few past their limits to find out.  Thanks for the links! ;D

Ok 38 Ohm:
at 5V is 131mA which is too much for any u-controller output pin
at 3.3V is 86mA still too much.

so you probably will need a higher current driver.

Looking forward to your first powered tests and measurements.

I got motivated last night and dug out the PIC/Dual H-bridge board and a small (large compared to the ones you have) stepper motor. Soldered wires to the stepper, powered the board the its still working. Yea.

So I'm ready to test out those tiny steppers.


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