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how to use these cameras?

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hey, i want to learn how i can implement these cameras in future projects
can anyone point me in the right direction?
-how would i interface this to screen?
-where can i get a breakout board?

what screen? if you just want to interface to a screen then much better to purchase cheap board camera for 1/10th the price and plug-and-go.

if you want to involve computer vision then what host platform? pic or arduino wont cut it. this is not a field to get your start.

The data sheet is right there on the site! https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/Imaging/TCM8230MD.pdf

If you need a board for it, I suggest designing something in Eagle or a similar package and having it made through a cheap board service like oshpark.com or iteadstudio.com

i am a beginner so i don't have experience with EAGLE(what is eagle?)
i couldn't create a breakout board(dont know how?)
  -what components do i need?
  -how is the signal processed?
  -what pins do what?
oh and yes i do know about the datasheet i dont know how to interpret it(i am a complete newbie to cameras)
if you could point me to a good tutorial or book where i could learn about this i would appreciate it

also where are these cheap board cameras?

I don't think that camera would be suited for a beginner. I suggest you get another camera that is already in working condition, like a small USB webcam. You can typically take the case off of those and get a pretty small camera/circuit board combo, and it plugs right into a USB port on your single-board computer (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, PandaBoard, FitPC, Zotac AD-11, or whatever.)


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