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Hey Guys, i was building a project where i require to give a signal to a robot wirelessly. The Robot is of very small size.
I need the receiver to be very small,the signal could be digital, as only 1 actuator need to be activated on a signal from transmitter.

The Size of transmitter doesnt matter, but i was looking for the smallest receiver possible.
Is there something you guys would know of, that could help me on this.

There is one at Sparkfun,
the receiver is the same size, however i was looking for something much smaller.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank You

That Sparkfun module looks like it's only about 10 mm x 14 mm or so. You need smaller?

Perhaps see if you can find a FM Radio receiver chip in surface mount size? It may either be possible to change this to receive on an open-ish band, or tune it down below 88 MHz and keep the power so small that nobody will notice/mind for a hobby project (might or might not be technically legal in your locale.)

The Si4313 is available in 20-VQFN: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/SI4313-B1-FM/336-1980-5-ND/2340775 but it needs support circuitry

The Alpha modules are kind-of small, but probably no smaller than the Sparkfun ones: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ALPHA-RX915S/ALPHA-RX915S-ND/2000721 (note: the pin spacing is much tighter than 100 mil)

In the end, a super-dumb AM receiver is just a tuned filter, which you may be able to build in a very small form factor using the smallest available components, but it's unlikely to be a simple project, working at RF frequencies...

simplest solution is a tiny low cost rc rx. small flysky units can be had for around $10 and the radio controller aint much more. for really small theres 200 milligram diy versions. google is your friend.

All the micro receivers I can find are bigger than the Sparkfun one posted in the original request.
Do you have links to smaller ones? That would be useful.

If you only need 1 channel, could you use light?


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