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--- Quote from: jwatte on June 14, 2013, 05:19:01 PM ---All the micro receivers I can find are bigger than the Sparkfun one posted in the original request.
Do you have links to smaller ones? That would be useful.

--- End quote ---

flysky is the most common chinese protocol and there are radios available ranging from $14 4ch to top of the line 16ch with most advanced features at any price. heres a diy flysky rx that weighs 190milligrams and isnt much bigger than grain of rice and costs less than $4 to make:


theres also commercial versions from companies like frsky and dreamsky that weigh in less than a gram when stripped. in fact the most common brand protocol is spektrum and orange and lemon versions weigh  little more than a gram or two and cost about $5. if you have trouble searching these off the shelf ones let me know and i will get you more links.

i should also mention the sparkfun ook device linked is the tx which op mentioned was not size constrained. the rx is much bigger. and niether are functional out of the box. little more than uhf front ends really. as mentioned a computer is required at each end to decode any control signals.

the rc units are smaller, cheaper, and ready go regarding control of servos, lights, or motors.

Ah! You dead bug solder a chip, and can get down in size. None of the commercial units I found were anywhere near as small, and all of the "packaged" units in that thread have a much bigger PCB.

Here's the "how to go small" picture, for reference:

Regarding using light: Yes, you can use light, if you can figure out a good way to tell an intentional signal apart from ambient light changes. A tuned laser sender and narrowband infrared sensor might be one way to try it. Using a specific modulation frequency (like IR remote controls use 38 kHz) would be another.


--- Quote from: jwatte on June 15, 2013, 08:35:14 PM ---Ah! You dead bug solder a chip, and can get down in size. None of the commercial units I found were anywhere near as small,
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then i highly recommend checking out dave theunissons commercial products:


there are other similar sub-nano rx available from similar companies but his are most popular. having had considerble experience with those ook units i assure you, even before attaching controllers to make them work, they are much bigger. basically legacy designs from early car/garage keyfobs and have been replaced with modern 2.4ghz transceiver modules which are cheaper and outperform.

in any case imo off-the-shelf rc rx is by far the cheapest and easiest path for wireless control. bare rf modules and ir circuits can be made to work but require considerable expertise and experience.

Wow, that Rx31 is pretty small! Thanks for the link!


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