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servo with "parkinson"

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i use 9v battery! maybe the servo is weak , 4.5kg/cm @6volt  maybe has been damaged or something else? but its difficult to replace it!

If it's 9V battery similar to one in the image - they are known for not having much juice. It is a lot better to have 6 regular 1.5V batteries connected in series.

Here's an article for You --> Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A

And here's short fragment from the article above:

--- Quote ---9V alkaline batteries can be convenient for their high voltage in a small size, but the energy density (watt-hours per given volume or weight) is the same as other batteries with the same chemistry, which means the capacity in amp-hours is low. In approximately the same size as an AA cell, you get six times the voltage, so you also get about six times less in the Ah rating, or about 500 mAh. Given the high losses incurred from discharging in anything under a few hours, 9V batteries are impractical for most motors and therefore for most robots.
--- End quote ---

problem solved! thanks you guys! finaly i fixed the pulse range and bought AA batteries and a hold keeper! i know that 9v bats arent good power supply but i didnt expected that!

thanks again!


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