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Aiko V2 New Designed with 3D printer



Took me many hours of non-sleep to finish the most natural movement robotic hand.
Designed and print from 3d printers.
It takes about 3 hours to print one finger, the hand took about 3 days to print.

The finger can do abduction, adduction, flex and extention.
Even the palm can move too.
Pinky and thumb movement is almost like human.
From posing peace sign, "OK sign" and even make a fist too.
The thumb can touch all fingers.
Weight about 500g.

Designed to work with 28 Flexinol Wire muscles (try with flexionl wire... work OK)
14 servo
I probably going to try both to see which is better.

That looks like a very well modeled hand. It seems like it's actually inspired by nature :-)

How are those joints attached? Is it bolts through the plastic? Is the plastic slippery enough to not need bearings or thrust washers?

The joint is joined by bolt with washer.
90 screws just for the hand.

Now I am fine tuning the pinky and the thumb.


--- Quote from: Ai-bot on June 26, 2013, 02:21:51 PM ---
Weight about 500g.

--- End quote ---

It is pretty impressive how similar that is to the average human hand.  It is too bad that actuation is limited right now...strings or servos are definitely going to clutter up the design.  I am definitely no expert, but have you looked at playing with electroactive polymers?


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