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In progress: my Lego/Arduino beer serving robot


I just wanted to show the video's I've made so far of a robot that I'm building. The ultimate goals is that the robot can serve me something to drink from the fridge. The robot has to drive by itself to the fridge, open it, grab something and bring it to me.

The first problem was a little obstacle in the living room...

The problem rises again, now the current weight is almost 15kg! I need to test some day if the robot is still able to make the bump. I believed it was necessary that the robot needs to move sideward to position itself in front of the fridge, so I installed a pneumatic system that drives down a set of wheels that are perpendicular to the tracks...

After that I made the robot navigate trough the house using ultrasonic distance sensors and a digital compass:

And a few days ago I've installed the fully automated pneumatic system:

Now I'm at the point to make it open the fridge, which is the biggest challenge! I'll keep you informed!

That looks insanely great! Also, insane! :-)

How does it find the handle?


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