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Re: pic18f8722
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Is this a Microchip demo board? If so then there should be example code on Microchips web site.
If not then which Board????? Which display????
This makes a BIG difference since any PIC code starts with the pin connects and what their function is to be. None of us could even start to guess which PIC pins connect to the display or which display is used.

To begin learning how to use and program PICs study this tutorial:

Next is What programming language are you using? Assembler, C?? If C which compiler?
Microchip's MPLAB IDE is a free download which includes the assembler. They also have free versions of several C compilers, C18, HiTech & XC8.

So what code have you written and where do you need help? Show your code with a clear explanation of what it should do, what it is not doing and why you think so.
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