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Viability of this method video and audio communication



I was wondering if someone could tell me if my idea for long range video communication has the possibility of working.

So heres what I have in mind

USB webcam > Beaglebone Black running the application Oovoo on Android> Data transfer through a 4g USB modem (cellular) > received by another 4g USB Modem > Beaglebone Black running Oovoo on Android  > outputs to monitor

Then I was thinking I could use Oovoo's instant messaging system for sending sensor data back.

Is this possible?  Are there any pitfalls anyone foresees?



If both of the 4G cellular modems have decent coverage (and appropriate data plans) then yes, that could work with the right software. I don't know if oovoo is the right software for this -- haven't heard of it before -- but in theory, yes, video is just data with a certain bandwidth requirement.

If you only need a mile or two, you could consider 5 gHz "FPV" cameras/transmitters/receivers as used in the quadcopter/drone hobbies. For the stronger transmitters, you may need to get HAM radio operator qualified, but that's not terribly hard I've heard.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I've done a lot with analog transmission and haven't had much success with it, which is why I'm trying cellular.


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