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First attempt at a robotic arm! Suggestions for base?

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OK, so here's my base thus far!

Anyway, the problems I've been facing with this base is that it's all wobbly once I start attaching the arm!  People suggest I install rollers, but I don't have any idea how to actually do that!  I'm doing small scale here (1/8" thickness), any suggestions?  Or better yet, a direction?   

you should install rollers because otherwise your arm it will not has balance , check out the shematics ( i am not good at paint  :P )

Maybe a Lazy Susan bearing.

Wow!  I am going to check that lazy susan bearing out!  Thanks!

You could use a bigger servo horn... or perhaps a attach a support plate to the servo horn so it has more area under the base, and takes up force more evenly from the top


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