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hey guys, Has anyone heard of Metglas
this material has high permeability
which is a factor in the strength of electromagnets
of course this material is probably expensive but does anyone know how much exactly?
also where I could procure some?(if it isn't too expensive)

Metglas is a manufacturer/brand name. Here are the data sheets of their magnetic materials:

Seems like a regular supplier of ferrite core material. Note that they recommend you anneal the material after fabrication of your inductor with field direction specific to the manufacture, so just using it at home may be challenging unless you're already good at doing this.

what do you mean by anneal also how do i buy this material exactly when i am trying to build motors?


--- Quote ---what do you mean by anneal
--- End quote ---

I mean the metallurgical process of annealing.

--- Quote ---how do i buy this material exactly when i am trying to build motors?
--- End quote ---

1. You go to their web site: http://www.metglas.com/
2. You look in the upper-right corner for the phone number for your area (for example, Asia: (852)27244183)
3. You call them up and ask them.

has anyone heard of motors that use metglass?
also how can i get this metal annealed?


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