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I am considering about making the $50 robot, but I am a little bit confused. I mean i saw the list of parts and I can't decide if I need the AVR STK Serial Port
Dongle Programmer, the AVR ISP2 Programmer and the Pocket AVR Programmer too, or I just need one of them. I am confused about the batteries too. I should buy all the 3 or just 1?

You just need one programmer. Get one thats atmel studio compatible or avrdude compatible.

Also on the batteries it depends on the robots you want to create. For the 50$ a 4x AA batteryholder will be just fine.
If you want more advanced stuff, you will need bigger capacity batteries.

@ Molni, Do NOT buy a serial port programmer. They just don't work. I learnt that from my experience. Besides, serial ports are very hard to find these days. I think the best choice for a cheap and good programmer is a 3$~9$ usbasp programmer.. It is cheaper and 10x better than a serial port dongle programmer. The usbasp programmer is avrdude compatible so you will have to install avrdude on your computer.


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