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Couplers for motor shafts.

What is the bes way of making a shaft coupling (taking into account the need for a threaded hole in the side for a grub screw)?

Also, what is the best material for this?

 :) Hello!
The easiest way to get shaft coupling, is to acquire one from the vendors on this site. For
Industrial purposes, check out the Thomas registry.
If you just want to make one yourself, (depending on the size), and keep making replacements,
purchase a Smithy Lathe. This will take care of any special items that you may require in the
If it is a one time deal, drill a hole through the center of a bolt, and then split the bolt in half.
(NOT long ways) A larger nut that can be used to keep the two pieces of shafts together,
could be used. A set screw in the back part of the thread could hold that individual shaft
in the coupling. Good Luck!   ;D


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