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What about Polulu?

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Are they selling high quality parts?

I'm primarily interested in their metal gear motor:

Anybody who checked if the rated performance on the motors seem correct?

Their stuff is kind of expensive, does anybody know a supplyer with similar motors but better prices?

I love pololu. They test their stuff before they sell it, and they support it in their forums. I am a happy customer of theirs.

The reason they are not as cheap as the Chinese direct sellers, is that they actually do test their stuff, and they actually do support their stuff. That means they have to pay more salaries, which means they need a larger margin. I wouldn't call them "expensive" by any stretch of the imagination, though -- the same performance gear bought from a commercial motion control company would cost between 2x and 10x as much!

I've used their 37D gearmotors with encoders, and they perform as advertised. I've also used their micro metal gearmotors, and they also perform as advertised, although the warning about not soldering contacts for too long is not kidding -- the plastic melts easily and ruins the placement of the brush on the inside of that contact. (I found this out trying to de-solder from it.)

I also really like their pre-crimped wire/cable harnesses, and their switching voltage regulators, and their motor controllers (H bridges.)

That sounds great!

I thought they were some random far-east company when I just read the name, but now I saw that it was started by students from MIT.

Was it possible to overpower the 37D motor you think?

The 25D motor has almost the same stall torque as the significantly smaller micro-gear motors. I wonder if one of these two are under- or over their specification.

I also really like Pololu and their gear motors. I haven't used to ones you linked to but have used their small gear motors. These met and exceeded the published specs. Many times this is not the case for any China direct parts if there are any specs at all.

The prices for their stuff (gear motors included) I think are very reasonable. An equivalent gear motor from Micromo
would start at a couple of hundred dollars.


--- Quote ---Was it possible to overpower the 37D motor you think?
--- End quote ---

What do you mean? I ran them at 16V, and they ran fine. I did not use very long durations, though, so I don't know about overheating. I'd expect you could easily overheat them with too long use at too high voltage, just like with any electric motor.

Note that with stall torque, you also have to look at RPM, and ability to remove heat from the package. Smaller motors can have lots of torque at low RPM (high gearing) and short duty cycles. Larger motors are more robust, and can have higher RPM (lower gearing) for longer runtimes.

If I remember right, some of their highest geared motors (250 - 1000 to 1) carry a warning saying that if you stall them, you'll ruin the gearbox.


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