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I am new to robotics. Can you guys point me to some websites and stores to buy parts for electronics. I plan on using Arduino and MSP430.

jkerns:  Big general electronics    hobby electronics   hobby electronics     hobby electronics    big general electronics

Those are all solid sources. I'd like to add as a source for Dynamixel servos and parts, as well as walker and arm kits, and and for more generally robot-ey things. And for more Arduino-like and project-like things.

My ranking of how much I buy from those sites is probably:
1) -- best price and selection if you need raw electronic parts, with good customer service
2) -- very well tested gear with great customer service
3) -- dynamixel based things, with good customer service
4) (which I buy from when I need something today, as they're just up the street from me!)
5) -- when the others don't have what I need
6) --  when the others don't have what I need, with great customer service
7) -- when something's out of stock at

There's also, (servos, batteries, RC,) (servos, batteries, RC,) (RC,) (RC,), and a bunch of other companies that may or may not come in handy depending on what you want to do :-)

Thank you @jwatte and @jkerns :-)


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