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9V to 6v ac adapter

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how can you convert a 9v AC adapter to a 6V ac adapter?
would i need to use a regulator?
what are the calculations i should consider?

In general just run the 9VDC through a 6V regulator. An LM7806 is the easiest to use.
Provided you don't need more than 1A of current.

Next option is to use an LM317, an adjustable linear regulator. This take a few more parts to set the output Voltage but may be easier to find than the LM7806.

The calcs needed is the heat dissapated by the regulator which is: heat (Watts) = (Vin - Vout) * current (Amps).
For the LM317 you need to calculate the resistor but the info for this is in the data sheet.

How much current does your 9V adapter output?
How much current does your circuit require?


--- Quote from: waltr on July 15, 2013, 09:25:32 PM ---In general just run the 9VDC through a 6V regulator. An LM7806 is the easiest to use.
--- End quote ---
OP asked how to convert 9V AC adapter to 6V AC adapter. Your suggestion might cause some undesirable outcome  :)

Assuming you actually have a 9V AC output, and you want a 6V AC supply, then you should use a power transformer with a 3:2 winding ratio. Supply 9V AC to the "3" side, receive 6V AC on the "2" side. Magic! :-)

Btw: Some people call anything that plugs into the wall an "AC" adapter, because it adapts the "AC" from the wall, even if it generates DC. If the supply generates 9V DC, and you want 6V DC, then the best way to do that is with a switching DC DC converter (step-down converter, typically "buck" converter.) Pololu sells some decent ones. Hobby stores also sell them as "UBECs."

all your questions were answered correctly and in detail  in your first thread:


are you having fun or just lonely?


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