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modded servo problem


hi guys! recently i have modded a servo for continuously rotation but the problem is that is rotating only left side, its the same thing if i write 0 or 180 deg. what i am doing wrong?

First thought is that You did not center servo properly or set it all the way to the right before gluing the pot. Second thought is (not knowing how well You understand the code You work with) that PWM is not set correctly.

If You have spare servo that has not been modded, connect it to Your microcontroller and check if it behaves as expected. If it does, it means that code is fine and that problem is with the modded servo itself.

ok thanks man!

Depends on the servo you used. I replaced the potmeter for 2 resistors of the same value, bot 2k ohm I believe. You can use the potmeters for something else. This way you do not have to zero.


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