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Four wheel differential drive

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Right -- I wasn't suggesting that you use the thumper for your mower, just that it's an existence proof of differential steering for terrain navigation.

Also, the smaller, "bobcat" style loaders used on construction sites use differential steering; they don't actually turn their wheels to steer. Again, the do tear up the turf a bit.

Your project seems like it will need a lot of steel framing and welding, and really strong motors. Please post pictures as you assemble it :-)

Sure ...if I can pull this off I will post what I do.  Been doing a lot of thinking on how to get four wheel drive.  I keep coming back to possibly four motors but that means more battery demand too I would imagine.  Double the motors equals double the batteries?  Have thought about ways to transfer drive from two motors to four tires ...belts, chains and even tracks ....wishing tracks were not so dang expensive.  Any further feedback on this would be great ...especially if someone has done 4 wheel drive with these size of motors.  Thanks again...

With four motors, each motor can be half the power of what two motors would require, so power draw would be roughly equal.
Also, motor controllers for weaker motors are cheaper than motor controllers for stronger motors (although you need more of them, of course.)

I believe I would all the motors of equal power.  If I wire them in parallel on each side ....then I don't really need more motor controllers ...just possibly one that will handle more current draw?  Am I thinking right here?

Yes, if you don't need individual control, you only need two channels of motor control.

I don't understand why you'd add more motors that are as strong. In your case, I would be looking at something like either two motors with a power of half a horsepower each, or four motors with a power of a quarter horsepower each. In either case, you deliver one horsepower to the ground. Also, if you need suspension, four wheel independent drive may be simpler to build than a transmission/chain that allows individual wheel movement.

That being said, if you want simple, just drive on two of the four wheels (rear left and rear right, say) and call it good :-)


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