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fast/accurate linear motion on a budget

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Why a brushed motor instead of brushless?  Is it because they are cheaper?  I'll take a look at shaft encoders.  I understand the concept, but am not familiar with how to use them.  Would that give me the ability to accurately control position, velocity, and acceleration?

Brushed motors are cheaper, and easier to control, than brushless. You can typically find a brushed motor with gearbox and encoder all built in. Pololu has some nice ones:
Put a small pinion on the motor shaft, and a timing belt, and drive it with a PWM controller and read the sensor. There are controllers that can do both of those functions for you; Pololu JRK; Roboclaw; and a bunch of others.
The one additional thing you need is an end stop, so you know where "zero" is.

Here is how this was acomplished:

Try our discounted linear actuators section. You might find what you are looking for there. You'll certainly be able to find something with the precision and speed needed for a project like that.


Matt Edwards


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