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Project Designer error message when trying to use all AXON2 PMW + software

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Hello, I have a hexapod robot with 18 servos. Before, I used to split 18 servos into 3 banks of 6 and use a different timer for each (all software). I decided to try to use all 12 PMW pins as hardware and the other 6 servos as software. But it seems that if 12 PMW are used, then there are no free timers available and Project designer complains.
I attached the screenshots. I read on forums that admin uses 10 PMW pins and 10 software on his 20 servo robot, so it should be possible?
What is wrong here? Thanks



I had a same problem doing the same thing yesterday.

I think the problem is just in project designer software. If you go back into both software and hardware servo banks and reselect the same pins in the drop-down and get back out- all will be fixed....


Hi, sorry, I can't seem to figure it out. I re-selected the pins for every bank, but it's not working :(


Instead of deleting the old servos in software pwm did you tick the disable box?

I did this aswell but went back in and deleted the servos and all worked fine...

I deleted all old servos straight away. I didn't disable them. It's not working.
I tried to modify the generated code to make 3 servo banks, but the servos didn't start. I think there's a hardware reason for this maybe.
Anyway, I removed 3 hardware servos and put them in software, so that I have 9 software servos in bank1, 5 hardware servos in bank2 and 4 hardware servos in bank3. This freed up 1 times for all the software driven servos.
Maybe if Webbot notices this thread he can clarify.
Thanks (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


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