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encoding in RF


hi, i am planning to buy these components for RF communication

so i looked up some tutorials wiring it seems easy but then it talks about data packets
all this encoding business which starts to get complicated
here is the link:

i would appreciate it if someone could generally explain how this works(i have some understanding about the structure of data packets)
also can some explain these different "ending methods"(whatever they are)
also how will the programming work if i was hooking this up with an arduino?


Yes, to get reliable communications with those RF modules you must encode/decode the data.
To learn start by googling and read (Wiki has good info) on the following:
Manchester encoding

Good C code to study is the Virtual Wire:

These question of how to use these RF modlues has come up on this (and the SparkFun forum) many times. So search these forums for lots of info and discussions.

oh thanks


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