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I have seen many people design robots and parts, but at the end if i wish to laser cut the parts, how do i break my final design to something like this(attached picture files):

is there an option in solidworks to do this?

Thanks for any help.

I'm an Inventor user, not a SolidWorks user, but I believe they work the same in this regard:
You have to build each of the parts as a separate part, and them use an assembly view/document to build the assembly where you put them all together to make sure they fit.
Once you're ready to export, you have to export the sketches (for curves) out of the individual part files. There may be macros that help you do this.

Thanks, i am aware about making assemblies from individual parts, but when we design something, its usually involves designing it as a  whole. I think, there might be an option to do this to join 2 parts easily.



I think SolidWorks can do that  from a demo I've seen. However, I am not a SolidWorks user so can't tell you how.
Did you check with the SolidWorks Technical Support and/or their forum? That is one reason why you pay the big dollars for their software.


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