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I released an online software to model, simulate and program robots. This is the link:
It's on an early stage, so all the feedback is welcome.

Very nice work!!!!!  :)

How should it be better?

A recent example:

Though the graphics look crappy, its a matter only of how components are programmed.
In this early stage not much of effort is done on the looks, just on basic functions.

I find that the hard parts are not the general "here's a servo and here's a lever" but the specifics of how thin/thick the connection brackets should be, what the hole patterns are, whether a particular joint will move into interference with another part, how to properly run the cables, etc.

Thus, a robot simulator that removes all of those restrictions doesn't tell me anything more than pen and paper would.

There is one other area where robot simulators can be useful, even if they do not use detailed mechanical measurements: When trying to build control software such as walk-and-stay-upright algorithms for bipeds, or detect-world-and-plan-paths for navigating robots, it's useful to be able to throw a number of different test cases at the algorithm without needing to build them in real life.
However, to support that, you have to have good models of the sensors (distance, ultrasound, gyro, etc) with their limitations and latencies, and a decent model of how the robot actuators move (I think you could get this in your program,) AND the ability to pipe those virtual sensors into the actual algorithm being run. If the actual algorithm is being run in a microcontroller or embedded computer, doing that from a web page seems hard.


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